We hope it never will be needed – but if it is – know that it will perform.

Protect the investment - now, and in the future.

Avoid unforseen
costs and expenses

  • Minimize downtime
  • Avoid unforeseen and unpredicted expense
  • Stay compliant with regulations
  • Keep a detailed individual maintenance plan

Maintaining your Engineered Material Arresting Systems (EMAS) is crucial for maintaining
performance and efficiency throughout the entire lifespan of the investment.

Avoid unforeseen and
unpredicted expenses


Minimize downtime

Comprehensive service

Experienced technicians

Safety first

"Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your EMAS is in good hands."

Your partner for Life Cycle Management

Maintain runway safety and efficiency throughout the entire lifespan of your EMAS with a
developed customized maintenance plan, tailored to the specific needs of your EMAS.


Routine Inspections and preventive maintenance help you identify and fix small repairs early, before they become more costly. Professional inspections will identify future needs, enabling planning and avoiding
unforeseeable costs. Our staff has extensive expertise and experience with EMAS and can identify problem areas early to maintain functionality, and minimize unexpected cost over time.


Monitoring the strength development of the core material is an essential part of ensuring the EMAS is functional over time. Our patented Field Strength Test is designed to monitor performance over time. Performing FSTs at recommended intervals will optimize the lifetime of
the EMAS and can let you know when it should be replaced to maintain functionality, plan investments and reduce costs.


Training your staff increases their knowledge and ability to perform proper inspections, maintenance, and repairs on the EMAS bed. After the training, you will be able to identify when you need to perform repairs and carry out standard repairs with your own staff. Having trained staff will keep costs down and enable compliance with regulatory bodies.


The seam seal is your EMAS’s first line
of defense when it comes to prevent-ing moisture to enter the bed. The harsh environment an EMAS bed lives in takes a toll on the seam seal and side coating over time. A seam seal rehabilitation helps keep harmful moisture out of the bed throughout lifespan of your investment.


The most practical approach to bed repairs is to address issues as soon as they arise. Therefore, maintaining an inventory of commonly-used EMAS materials helps you carry out early repairs and keeps cost down. Approved, certified, and tested
materials supplied by RWS will main-tain the bed’s functionality at the lowest possible cost.


The EMAS is designed for a specific fleet mix. New and changing fleets might result in the EMAS not working
as intended. Our fleet mix verification
service will help to verify that the  EMAS bed performs as it should.

*Only applicable to EMASMAX

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